Saturday, December 6, 2008

The best husband in the world!

I was upstairs taking a shower and getting ready. I hadn't talked to Jake in a while so I came downstairs to see what he was doing. I came around the corner, and Jake was scrubbing the floor! My cute husband was doing a job I hate and without even being asked!

It's Christmas time!

It is the first Christmas that I have decorated my own tree. It looks a little silly in this pic, but It really does look so cute in real life!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jakes Birthday

Jake is such a funny guy, he had his birthday 12/2 on which he turned 23. I made his favorite dinner for him and I didn't even make vegetables because he hates them! lol

I was joking around with him and asked him how it felt to be 23 and if he felt older. He said he was a little upset because he wasn't in his early 20's anymore and that he was now in his mid 20's! lol I couldn't believe how upset he was about it. I feel like we are in the prime of our life and I love being 23. Maybe I will feel the same as him when I turn 24 in April.
All in all though, I love him so much and am glad that I was lucky enough to find him.