Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am horrible at Blogging!

I now just realized that it has been over a year since I last updated our blog. What has happened in our life. Lets see.......
We were finally able to sell our home in Cornerstone and luck was on our side when we found a beautiful brand new home that was everything we wanted! Not to mention the interest rate we locked into was an amazing 3.875 on a 30 yr loan. Jake worked all summer for H/K Construction in Glacier National Park and is now laid off for the winter. He has began a job search to see if he can find something a little closer to home. Being laid off isn't all bad for Jake. He has been able to go to Mesquite a few times this year and ride dirt bikes and eat as much food as he can possibly imagine at the buffets here. If you know him at all you know that dirt bikes and food are two of his favorite things!
I am still working at the Idaho Falls Surgical Center. It is a dream job for an R.N. No nights, weekends or holidays. The only down side is our busy time of the year is Nov. and December during the holidays but I will take that instead of having to work all night long.
We are doing well, just have really boring lives, so we don't want to bore everyone with them here on this blog!