Monday, September 5, 2011

Catching up

Life has been pretty crazy for us lately and I haven't gotten on here to blog in a long time. As many of you know we moved into a new home last fall so we have been working like crazy to get our house into ship shape with putting a yard in and such.
I recently started working in the ER at EIRMC and am loving it! It is so awesome to have a job that you don't see the same stuff every day and to learn how to think on the go. If I would have known how much I would have liked it I would have switched to it earlier.
I have a very talented hustband who has saved us so much money for our yard. He has done everything himself. He put in a RV pad, landscaped our yard complete with the sprinkling system and fixes anything that needs to be fixed.
As always we have been doing alot of camping and dirt biking. Not only can my husband landscape a yard but he can fix anything that might be wrong with a dirt bike. If you don't believe me just ask any of his brothers.
This was taken over memorial weekend at 8 mile.
Jake is working up in glacier national park again this year and the snow fall they had over the winter was absolutely crazy. You might look at these last two pictures and be less than amazed until you know that they were taken in the middle of July this year! They had to delay the opening of the park due to how much snow they still had.
This picture really shows how much snow they still had in July.
All in all we are doing wonderful and are absolutely loving our new home and the location it is in. I will have to post more pictures of Jakes brand new love (his new truck) I know if I can't find him he's probably out in the garage polishing something on it. He's like a kid in a candy store.