Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My cutest husband in the world finally gets to be done with work for the season in 2 weeks! I almost can't contain my excitement to finally get him back home!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bear Lake

Sorry this is super late, I have just not taken the time to put all the pictures on.
We had such a fun time and want to make sure that we say Thank you! to Buffy and her family!
This is Payton, Chelsea, Me and Kade the first day
at Bear Lake.
Payton and Kade had so much fun playing in the
waves. Everytime Kade would walk into a wave
he would laugh like it was the funniest thing he
had ever done.
We were lucky enough to be able to go out on the
boat and go tubing. The water is so shallow for so
long that someone has to push you out into the deeper
Chelsea and Payton on the wave runner. Payton
thought this thing was the coolest invention of all
time. I think he would have spent every second
out on it if someone would have gone with him.
I wanted to drive before I let Payton have a turn.
Payton took Lory out on a good ride. Needless to say
it was so good that he never got her talked into
another one.

Our final day, heading back up to the camper to get
all of our stuff together and go back to normal life.
(which is so over rated!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

To Bone and Back

My moms side of the family, the Anderson's, all love to run. We thought for this year it would be fun to have our family reunion around the To-Bone&Back race. We didn't have quite enough people to form a team, but Connor and Chelsea my brother and sister in law stepped right in to help.
In this race, you hav 8 people on a team to finish the 40 miles. So that breaks down into 5 mile legs for everyone.

Chelsea ran leg 1 and did so awesome! She improved her time from her previous time doing the race by almost 30 mins! This picture is not actually of her running her leg of the race. I forgot to take a picture of her while she was running. So we posed this picture right before I started my leg of the race.

My Aunt Holly is an awesome runner! She took the up hill portion of the race, and when I say up hill I mean it is totally up hill. She did this part of the race and only took 50 mins! She is so awesome!

Now, let me preface Connors little bit with the fact that he occasionally goes jogging and has never done any serious training. Now, with saying that Connor finished 5 miles in 37 mins! He was so awesome! He is definetely on my team for next year!

Connor had to leave to go to work after he ran his leg of the race so we took a picture with all the Littlewoods before he left.

Melody took the bone (yes, they had us carry a fake bone as the baton) from Connor. Poor Melody had ran 8 miles the day before and then volunteered to help us fill a spot on our team left by my mom when her darn appendix ruptured. My mom is doing fine and recovering but just wasn't healed up enough to run. Thanks for filling in Mel!

Cayla did so good! She doesn't really enjoy running, but since she has been on the Sacramento State gymnastics team has been keeping it up. She has to get in so many hours of cardio a week for her training and running is the easiest way for her. I am so proud of her for how hard she ran!

Layne did very well. It always makes me mad at these boys that they can go out and run 5 miles without ever really training for running.

I had the easiest portion of the race and still didn't beat Connors time! I was able to finish in 40 mins which is an amazing time for me! I am very proud of it, but would have liked to beat Connors. Especially since I have actually been training for it.

Lee was amazing. In the heat of the day (on his birthday) he was able to finish his portion in 41 mins! He has lost alot of weight and is in really good shape now!

This was a picture of our team at the finish line, minus Connor. My team was so awesome! I can't believe the kind of times that they got!

I am hoping to definetely do this next year. I think I caught the running bug again. I need to sign up for some more races. Last year I sort of took the year off and it would be fun to get back into it again
Thanks to my team for all the hard work!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planting a Garden

I have such great In-laws. Chelsea, Payton, Lory and I got to get together at the Littlewoods to plant the family garden. It was alot of fun to put all the seeds in and hope that it would grow.

While we were planting the garden Kade was trying to sneak and eat dirt. He is such a funny kid and hes getting so big! It has been fun watching him grow up.

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend is always a fun time around the Littlewood household. I know I have said this before, but I am so lucky to have married into a family that likes to go on little trips. i love camping so much! Before I met Jake, I thought camping was roughing it up in the mountains in tents. I didn't know that camping could be so relaxing, and you can take showers too! Thanks Pres for letting us sleep in your trailer!

My cute logger husband. He spent the majority of the time chopping wood. I'm not really sure why.

Even though I wasn't at work, I got to take Conners stiches out with some help from my lovely assistant, Chelsea.

Sitting around the camp fire. A favorite pass time of camping.

It can't be a camping trip without dirt biking!

Chelsea and Kade. He was such a good boy! He was even teething and he hardly ever cried.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new toy.

As many of you know, Jakes family is really big into dirt biking. Before we even got married Jake was looking for a bike for me. I had been riding Paytons 125 that felt way too small.
I thought the day would never come when I would be able to have my own bike, but it finally came!
I am still not very good at dirt biking, but Jake has been really good with me. He has taken me out riding the past 2 weekends to teach me. Hopefully with some more practice I will be able to keep up with my sister-in-law Chelsea.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

This last week we all went to Mesquite for spring break. It was one of the funnest trips I have ever been on. It was also really nice that we got out of the nasty weather in Idaho for a while. Thanks Aunt T for letting us stay with you!

At Grandma and Grandpa DeJongs house before we headed out on the long drive.

We got to go dirt biking while we were down there. The guys were so patient with me and how slow I was. I was so frusterated with riding in the sad and Jake was so good with me. He let me ride his big bike so that I could make it through the sand easier. Mitch also crashed his bike trying to go over a cliff. He ended up putting some holes in his radiator but the boys worked on it all day the next day and they were able to get it fixed so they could go riding again without the girls.
My cute hubby on his dirt bike.

Everyone checking out Mitch's busted up radiator.

A hill the boys were climbing. It doesn't look that steep, but it really is!

The cliff at the top of this pic is the one that Mitch smashed his radiator on.

While all the boys were trying to fix Mitch's radiator us girls got to hang out at the pool. I can't even tell you how nice it was to finally have sun!

Baby Kade thought that being stuck through the pieces of plastic in the chair was the coolest invention ever. He jumped around in there for a few minutes until we were afraid he would fall all the way through.

Conner and Kade

Chelsea and I were the Queens of Guitar Hero at the hotel. It was sad how much we really played!

All the boys in the hot tub after a day of hard riding without the girls.

Mitch thought he needed to wake Conner up so he tipped his matress over while Conner was in it! Needless to say, Conner was not very happy with this whole scenario.

While we were packing our suitcase to go home we were also keeping an eye on Kade while Mitch and Chelsea were getting ready. We stuck him in our suitcase and he loved it! There was so much to play with!

Conner and Jake decided that they wanted to be on a bobsledding team so after we were done loading all of our stuff into the car they took the luggage carrier back to the hotel.
Some very sleepy boys on the way home.
I really do have the best in-laws ever! I am so glad that they do trips like this as a whole family. It is something that I look forward to all year long.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

San Francisco

As many of you may know, my little sister Cayla competes on the Sacramento State Gymnastics team. Jake and I decided that since I had a long weekend for presidents day that we would go and watch one of her meets and then head to Alcatraz for fun.
Cayla did very well on her meet, and to my surprise it was only 2 hrs long! That is a great improvement from the all day meets that she used to have before she went to college.
On presidents day we headed to San Francisco with my parents. I was expecting there to be really nice weather, but instead it rained the whole time we were in California. Basically I'm trying to give a reason why my hair is so ugly in these pictures and why Jake is wearing his gross hat.

This was the cute boat that we got to travel to the island on. The water was very choppy and I hated the whole ride.

San Francisco has such neat bridges over the ocean. This is a picture of the Bay Bridge from inside of the boat.
When we got to the island the first place we wanted to go was on a tour of the prison. Now this is the first time that I have ever been on an audio tour. I thought it was a little strange at first but ended up really enjoying myself. It was nice because you could stop and take more time at different parts of the prison that you found more interesting. It was very funny to see all of the people in the prison walking around with headphones on and this thing dangling from their neck. So these are some pics of the jail cells.

As you can see they have three rows of cells all stacked on top of each other. To be quite honest, the whole place reminded me of the movie Shawshank Redemption.

This is a picture of their exercise courtyard. You look out and wonder how they ever stayed inside the walls, but if you actually go out in the courtyard, you will see that the walls are much higher than they look.
San Francisco is only 1 1/2 miles from Alcatraz. It looked absolutely amazing from the island.

This is us all grungy from all of the rain out in front of the Wardons office and guest entrance to the prison. That is San Francisco behind us.

This is a picture of Alcatraz as we were leaving on the boat to go back to San Francisco. The ride was much better on the way back.

I just realized what a horrible sister I am because I didn't take a single picture of Cayla at her meet. Next time I will record a routine so that everyone can see it. This was a very fun trip for both Jake and I. The only crapy part was that we hit bad weather on the way home and it took us 20 hrs to drive. I have never been more angry at people than I was on Donners pass with all of the California drivers holding up traffic so they could put their chains on. Please! I have worse roads in my subdivision people!