Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mexican Cruise

We recently returned from a Mexican Riviera cruise with Mitch and Chelsea. It was a blast and I have never eaten so much food in my life! I gained an impressive 12 lbs!
We left from San Diego on the Carnival Elation. The weather was so nice in San Diego. I wanted so badly to put on shorts! Only people from Idaho would want to wear shorts in 65 degree weather!

My cute husband standing on the dock of our ship.
This picture is looking out at the San Diego harbor right before we left for sea. We spent the the whole first day at sea. We were able to see dolphins jumping and just hang out by the pool and of course eat lots of food!
The night we spent out at sea was also our formal night. It was so fun to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner. When we were out taking these pictures we saw a bunch of squid swimming by the side of the ship. We tried to take a picture of them but the pictures didn't show them very well.
Mitch and Chelsea in their fancy evening wear. Check out Chelsea's smoking hot legs!
While waiting for the line to go down at dinner we stepped into this piano bar and a nice Indian couple took a picture of all 4 of us.
The next day we went to Catalina Island. That is our ship in the back ground. The water was too shallow for the ship to get any closer so we had to take smaller boats up to shore.
This is a picture looking down the shore line.

This is right by the pier.

We rented a golf cart here and got to drive it all around the Island. Leave it to one of the Littlewood boys to figure out how to get the cart in between gears so we could coast down the big hills at a much faster speed than the cart would allow while in gear.
It was so pretty up on the hills.

A view from the top of a hill. Notice the ship in the back ground.
We let house keeping come in one day to change the sheets and what not and they made the cutest elephant out of towels!
The most fun was going to Mexico. This is us at La Bufadora or the blow hole. We went on a tour bus with our tour guide Alejandro. He was super funny. At the first of the tour he pretended he could only speak Spanish. We thought we were in for one heck of a bad tour. Once the bus started to move he started speaking English. Those bus drivers are really scary drivers. They go so fast and are swerving into the other lane of trafic to avoid the pot holes while there is on coming traffic! On the drive out to La Bufadora was saw a Mexican man riding a zebra.
This is at the blow hole during one of the, for lack of a better word, explosions of water. The waves would come in and get forced into the cracks in the rocks and then shoot up into the air. Alejandro took the perfectly timed picture of all of us.
The weather was so nice in Mexico! I just love this picture because the ocean has that amazing blueish green color to it.
Our last night on the ship. This was our formal dining table and in front of all of us is the chocolate melting cake which was our favorite desert.
After a long day of fun in the sun we are ready to hit the hay. We weren't party animals at all. I don't know if it was the way the ocean moved the ship or if it was the massive quantities of food we ate, but we were always back in our rooms ready for bed by 10pm.
We had so much fun on this cruise and we couldn't have asked for better traveling partners than Mitch and Chelsea. Hopefully we will be able to do it again!