Saturday, December 24, 2011

Goodbye Desi!

One of my closest friends passed way Dec 17th in an automobile accident. I still am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. We have so many memories together that it is very hard for me to go about my day without being reminded of you.
The little things. Last night my pants were falling off so I needed a belt, I grabbed a belt from the hanger and ended up in tears because it was a belt you used to wear that you gave to me. I drove to my in laws past the appartments that we used to live together in.
We had some rough times the past couple of years but I want to think that the changes you were making in your life were bringing you back to be my best friend Desi that I always knew.
This is how I always remember you. We had the best times together. Just hanging out and goofing off. You were always happy and up for a good time.
You always hated this picture from our California trip, but I like to imagine you walking towards heaven and waiting for me to get there. One day all of the Lewisville girls will be back together. Until then you better be saving me a spot.
Love you!


kaleen said...

It really is hard to believe this actually happened. Those are some fun pics :) I always noticed how much fun you guys had together. I hope everyone is doing ok.

Melody said...

Saying goodbye is really hard. I'm so sorry, Shan. Love and miss you!